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Educators And Money Matters
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Money talk in the classroom

There is much to learn about the world of money. Kids might be able to figure out a lot on their your own, but why not have a teacher help? Learning how to handle money may give them good ideas to use themselves.

Here are some discussion topics to get things started:

  • How to go about setting financial goals.
  • How to decide how much money you will save and how much money you will spend.
  • How to decide the value of money versus the value of time.
  • How to pay bills. Identify the types of bills that adults pay. Talk about how these bills get paid.
  • How to decide what type of career you wish to pursue.
  • How to decide how you will pay for something—with cash, with a check, with a debit card, with a credit card, or in another way.
  • How to invest for the future. What things can we give up now to invest for the future.
  • How to decide what investments to make.
  • How inflation affects finances.
  • How stocks are set up.

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