Age: 8+

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Kids can have fun learning good financial habits!

Embark on an epic adventure to save the galaxy from financial chaos in this online game.

The Star Banks Adventure® game is a great way to have fun while learning financial concepts that can help you manage your money for the future. With the help of Odal, your very own alien guide, you must stop Overlord Zek, the evil mastermind bent on causing financial chaos. Use different star banks to save coins so you can build space devices to travel to Polaria. Solve puzzles, answer quiz questions, and use power-ups to triumph in this game.

This game has a financial education twist and will require some smart planning and wise investing. You'll have to work to stay ahead of inflation and spend wisely to reach your goals. The color-coded star banks, progress bar, and interactive game mechanics make keeping track of your investments both fun and easy.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Star Banks Adventure® game today!


  • Cool science-fiction story and graphics
  • 30 money saving puzzle levels to complete
  • 6 quiz levels for extra coin saving power
  • 9 power-ups to master
  • Dynamic financial goals and difficulty
  • Educational content created by financial professionals


  • Setting Goals – kids learn the importance of setting goals
  • Saving & Spending Wisely – kids learn to save & spend wisely
  • Inflation – kid find out the impact inflation can have on financial goals
  • Diversification – kids learn how to diversify the coins they invest
  • Asset Allocation – kids learn the importance of asset allocation in investing