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Portrait of thoughtful beautiful person holding open wallet with pensive expression in shopping center with shops on background. Young woman with paper bags deciding on expenses during shopping time

Money Confident Kids


What you’ll achieve in this lesson

We all have limited time and money. This lesson on financial decision-making helps young people see the value of making deliberate spending decisions and resisting impulse buys.  

Learning objectives you’ll cover

Determine wants versus needs

Kids distinguish between the things they must have to survive—and those they would like to have but don’t really need that can take them off track from meeting their goals. 

Say “no” to impulse buys  

To get the most value for their money, kids are encouraged to think through spending decisions carefully and resist buying on impulse, an important life skill. Understanding concepts, such as comparison shopping and loans and credit, are also covered.  

Ask “why” and “when”  

Understanding the purpose of buying something—and when they will need it— helps kids make smarter spending decisions. It’s also important to recognize that some purchases, like insurance, are necessary even though they’re not exciting. 

Spending wisely  

Another important step for wise spending is understanding trade-off decisions. Kids are encouraged to think about how much they spend and whether that can hinder or help them achieve their financial goals. 


Explore this lesson

View lesson pages and activities here or download the full Student Workbook. Remember to check the Teaching Guide to know the vocabulary and takeaways for this lesson as well as questions to ask when reviewing concepts with young people.

All materials are free downloadable PDFs, so you easily use what works for you.

Decision-Making is broken into three lessons:

Get It For Less

Nikki is in year 9 and learning more about making wise financial decisions. Follow her as she works though her decision-making process to buy a new laptop. 

A Penny Saved...

Now at University, Nikki needs a car to commute to her part-time job. See how she explores her options.  

But I Love That New Car Smell

Learn how Nikki applies wise decision-making choices in her research to buy a car.

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