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We Value Long-Term Financial Stability

Understanding basic financial principles is key to economic stability for individuals and communities.  That's why T. Rowe Price is committed to helping people of all ages develop skills required to make wise financial decisions for themselves and their families.  Helping people become educated investors has been a part of the T. Rowe Price mission for more than 80 years.


Exploring Opportunities to Broaden Our Financial Education Outreach

  • We promote the development of basic counting skills in young children.
  • In high school education, we support the development of basic maths and personal finance skills.
  • With young adults, we aim to develop the high-level skills necessary for careers in the financial industry.
  • We give adults the tools to manage their own finances and help prepare their children for financial success.

Giving Children an Early Start on Financial Education

Helping educators and parents engage kids in conversations about basic money matters is a cornerstone of our approach to building financial capabilities. Since 2009, T. Rowe Price has conducted an annual survey in the U.S. that gives us insight into behavioural trends and opportunities that may help broaden the reach of our financial education programmes.

  • Research shows that financial behaviours are set early in life.
  • Children form attitudes and behaviours about money before they leave early high school, with parents and teachers being their biggest influencers.