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Making decisions about money can be a challenge for anyone, no matter what age. Understanding early on how to make certain financial decisions can help kids feel more confident throughout their lives. 

Exercise 1

Rethinking “Saving” vs “Spending”


Helping kids grasp financial decision making starts with explaining that “saving” is really just planning to spend later. And the best way to reach their goals for future spending is through building - and sticking to- a budget. Read on to empower kids with financial decision making skills to help them reach their long- and short-term financial goals. 

Exercise 2

What’s Your Financial Path?


Planning what to spend now and save to spend later can help kids reach their financial goals. Read about understanding financial paths and spending now with your child or classroom to help them grasp these important concepts.

Exercise 3

Build-A-Budget Worksheet


Creating a budget is a skill that kids can start building before they ever set foot in the workplace. In this worksheet, kids can get started with an imaginary budget, to help them think about things like salaries, living expenses, and unexpected bills.  

Exercise 4

Deciding When to Save and When to Spend 


Try out this fun and simple lesson to help kids see first hand what happens to money when they spend it and how it adds up each time they decide to save. 

Exercise 5

Track your Money 

Print out this simple tracker to help kids record how much money they’ve spent, saved, and shared over the course of one month. After a month or two, use the tracker to plan for future goals. 

Exercise 6

How You Spend Money Reflects Your Values 


Kids should know that money doesn’t define a person, but how people choose to spend it can say a lot about who they are and what they value. Stopping to think about the things that matter now can go a long way in making future financial decisions. 

Exercise 7

Create and Spend Your Own Currency


In this fun activity, kids will learn what currency is, then create one, and put it to use in their very own store. Label items for sale with price tags, use coupons to make special offers to customers, and fill out a receipt at “check out.” 

Exercise 8

Conversation Starter: At a Sporting Event 


Help kids learn to budget in the real world, starting with their next family outing. Give them a set amount to spend, then explain that if they want to buy a hat, they may not have enough to buy a snack, too, so they need to prioritize their spending and only pick the things they most want. 

Exercise 9

Play the Heads or Tails Savings Game 


See if kids have mastered the art of financial decision making with this fun game. Review key concepts and make choices at each step to see if they reach their goal! 

exercise 10

Take the Quiz!

Test kids financial smarts with this quick yet challenging quiz covering budgeting, financial decision making, and saving for the future.