Exercise 10

Take the Test.


Test kids financial smarts with this quick yet challenging quiz covering budgeting, financial decision making, and saving for the future.

1. You spend $8 a week on movies, but you want to buy a $40 jacket. How many movies must you skip to buy the jacket?

A.  4 movies
B.  3 movies
C.  5 movies

2. You are saving to buy a new outfit. To spend wisely and save more money, you can stop:

A.  Buying sodas everyday
B.  Eating lunch for a week
C.  Paying your cell phone bill

3. You are too young to start saving money.

A.  True
B.  False

4. You should buy what you need before you buy what you:

A.  Want
B.  Deserve
C.  Earn

5. Searching for a similar item that costs less money is: 

A.  A good idea for saving money
B.  A good way to relax
C.  A waste of time

6. Pick an example of wasteful spending if you’re saving for a new bike:

A.  Buying a book for class
B.  Buying lots of candy bars
C.  Buying school lunches