Exercise 9

Play the Heads or Tails Savings Game.

See if kids have mastered the art of financial decision making with this fun game. Review key concepts and make choices at each step to see if they reach their goal!

Heads or Tails Savings Game

You have $1,000 after saving your money earned from summer chores! It’s perfect timing because you’re already saving up for a high school graduation trip to Paris. You know that you need at least $2,700 to pay for flights, hotels, and souvenirs. Use a coin to play the game below and see how adding money to your savings account can help your money grow faster and help you meet your goal.



  • Goal: Vacation to Paris
  • Time Horizon: 3 years
  • Flip a coin to decide which action to take

What You'll Need:

  • One coin
  • 15 Minutes