Exercise 1

Getting to Your Goal.

Setting a financial goal is the first step to making it a reality.  Use this infographic to help kids understand the steps between dreaming of a goal and achieving it, then talk with them about what goals they might have.

Step One.

Dare to dream.....

Step Two.

Declare your dream. Write it down. Yes, on paper! Put it in places you’ll see often. 

Step Three.

Drill down on the dough. What do you think it will cost you? Write this down too and put it somewhere noticeable. 

Step Four.

Set a deadline. Knowing when you want to achieve your goal is important (this is called a time horizon). You’ll want to know how long you’ll have to wait! 

Step Five.

Consider your income. Income can come from many sources, like birthday gifts, chores or jobs. 

Step Six.

Divided and conquer. Figure out how much you need to set aside each week or month to reach your goal and know you can spend the rest on other things

Step Seven.

Achieve your dream.