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Making decisions about money can be a challenge for anyone, no matter what age. Understanding early on how to make certain financial decisions can help kids feel more confident throughout their lives. 

Decision-Making: Lesson 1

Get It For Less

 Nikki is a junior in high school and learning more about making wise financial decisions.  Follow Nikki as she works though her decision-making process to buy a new laptop.

Decision-Making: Lesson 2

A Penny Saved... 

Time flies!  Nikki is a sophomore in college and needs a car to commute to her part-time job.  Follow Nikki as she explores options for buying a car.

Decision-Making: Lesson 3

But I Love That New Car Smell

Time to go car shopping!  Learn how Nikki applies wise decision-making choices in her research to buy a car. 


Show What You Know

We all have limited time and money and resisting impulse buys is a key financial strategy.  See how much you’ve learned about making wise financial decisions and managing your finances.

Student Workbook and Teaching Guide

All Lessons and Activities

Continue working through each financial concept online or download the full Money Confident Kids Student Workbook and Teaching Guide.

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