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We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”...  this is what diversification is all about. Knowing how to create a varied investment portfolio isn’t just for grown-ups.

Diversification: Lesson 1

Investment Choices Part A

 Nikki is 25 years old and wants to do more investing.  Read the important advice her grandfather gives her about diversification and the risk of investing all of your money in a single company.

Diversification: Lesson 2

Investment Choices Part B

Nikki does more research on diversification and decides to talk to her sister, April, who loves helping Nikki with her financial education.  Follow their discussion on how to manage investment risk through diversification.


Show What You Know

You don't want your financial future to be dependent on a single investment.  You've learned the concept of diversification as a strategy to reduce risk.  Test your diversification knowledge now!   

Student Workbook and Teaching Guide

All Lessons and Activities

Continue working through each financial concept online or download the full Money Confident Kids Student Workbook and Teaching Guide.