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Goal Setting helps kids envision why they are saving and what they are saving for - and creating goals is the essential first step toward money confidence.

Exercise 1

Getting to Your Goal

Setting a financial goal is the first step to making it a reality.  Use this infographic to help kids understand the steps between dreaming of a goal and achieving it, then talk with them about what goals they might have.

Exercise 2

Twin Tales of Spending

Understanding how spending and saving choices can impact reaching a goal is key lessons for kids to learn early.  Read how twins Lauren and Cassidy made decisions that show how mapping out a plan can help guide kids in reaching their financial goals.

Exercise 3

Create a Goal

Helping kids understand goal-setting works best when you use their own goals.  Get your kids started with financial goal setting by using this simple worksheet.

Exercise 4

Making Goals Official:  The Financial Goal Certificate


 It takes planning and smart decision making for kids to reach their savings goal.  Writing it down and setting a deadline is one strategy to help them achieve it more effectively.  Use this certificate to keep your kids on track to achieving their savings goal.

Exercise 5

Conversation Starter:  Setting a Savings Goal


It can be hard to know when to spend and when to save.  Here's an exercise that can help.

Exercise 6

Conversation Starter:  When a birthday or holiday is approaching


Shopping for presents offers a great way to teach kids about goal-setting.  Learn how to take advantage of this hands-on learning opportunity.

Exercise 7

Saving for a Car

Earning a driver's license is one major accomplishment every teen dreams of.  Saving enough to buy a car, and the independence that comes with is another.  Here are a few tips to help teens figure out how much they really need to save.

Exercise 8

Take the Savings Skills Quiz


Now that you've taught kids the basics about setting their financial goals, it's time to test the knowledge.  See how savvy they've become at saving!