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An asset is something valuable. Asset allocation means finding ways to make money work harder. Show kids that even though asset allocation sounds complicated, it’s really pretty simple. 

Asset Allocation: Lesson 1

Taking A Sensible Risk

 Nikki is two years out of graduate school and learning more about preparing early for retirement.  Read about the guidance Nikki receives at work about developing an asset allocation strategy to achieve long-term financial goals.              

Asset Allocation: Lesson 2

Finding The Right Mix

Even though Nikki is all grown up, she still gets advice from her grandparents.  Follow their conversation and learn the important questions to ask when planning for retirement.


Show What You Know

Having an asset allocation strategy that is in sync with your time horizon is key to achieving long-term financial goals.  See how well you understand the concept of asset allocation and the ideas behind it.


Student Workbook and Teaching Guide

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