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Goal Setting.

Goal Setting helps kids envision why they are saving and what they are saving for - and creating goals is the essential first step toward money confidence.

In this section, together we'll explore financial goal setting and explain how it can help make short and long-term saving feel easier and more attainable.  Explore the units below to get started.

Decision Making.

Making decisions about money can be a challenge for anyone, no matter what age.  Understanding early on how to make certain financial decisions can help kids feel more confident throughout their lives.

In this section, we'll take a close look at the ins and outs of financial decision making, from knowing when to save or spend to keeping track of money, and more.  Plus, you'll find helpful conversation starters that can make talking about money easy and fun.

Money & Inflation.

We all strive to teach kids the value of a dollar.  But it's just as important to teach them how the value of money can change and affect their purchasing power in the future.  Understanding this concept can help kids see how important it is to save early, and help them make more informed investing decisions as they grow up.


In this section, we've broken down the concept of inflation into a fun series of games, activities, and conversation starters.  Try them all to take the next step toward money confidence.

Asset Allocation.

An asset is something valuable.  Asset allocation means finding ways to make money work harder.  Show kids that even though asset allocation sounds complicated, it's really pretty simple.  Think about your financial goals, how long it will take to reach them, and select where you should put them, like in stocks, bonds, or a savings account.

In this section, we'll explore how asset allocation works, why its important, and show just how simple it really is.  Take a look at the units below to get started.


Diversification Simplified.

We've all heard the expression, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"...this is what diversification is all about.  Knowing how to create a varied investment portfolio isn't just for grown-ups.  It's a strategy kids can start learning early, and the better they understand it now, the more confident they will be to invest later.


In this section, we'll explain how diversification works in the real world and show kids that it's simpler than it sounds.  Read along and try these lessons for yourself!




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